Published on Apr 25, 2022
About Application


The leaderboard will display the top 200 people having more trophies. Students taking more exams and getting more scores in each exam will be having more trophies. 
For example,
1) if you have taken only one test and scored more than 65%, you will be given 55 trophies. 
2) If your friend has taken two exams and got 40% in each exam, he will be having 60 Trophies (30 Trophies in each exam)
Hence your friend will be above you on the leaderboard. 

So to be on the top of the leaderboard, you've to consistently perform well and take all the tests without fail. 

Red & Green Arrows in Leaderboard:

We have two columns in the Leaderboard UI. The first one will be the number of trophies the user has and the second column will be weekly change compared to the previous week.

The leaderboard order will take the trophy count and the weekly change as two factors. In case of a tie in trophy count, the users will be sorted based on weekly change. For ex: if two users have 100 trophies but one user had gained 60 in the past week and another only 30, then the user with 60 gain will be placed first. If the weekly gain also ties, then the order is random. This happens only in the initial but gets factored out in the forthcoming tests.

If there is a gain then the arrow will be green. Otherwise, it will be red. This applies to 0 change too.