Published on Apr 25, 2022
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Trophies are rewards given to you based on the score you've got in the exam. Trophies will be awarded only if you get a minimum of 35% in an exam, whereas you can see your ranks even if you get less than 35%. You will be awarded trophies based on your score range as below. 

> 65% 55 Trophies. 
55% - 65% score, 50 Trophies  
45% - 55% score, 40 Trophies  
35% - 45% score, 30 Trophies  
< 35%, -5 Trophies (If you've any trophies in your account. else 0)

If you could not pass in the first attempt, and pass in the second attempt, the number of trophies awarded for the above score will be 25% lesser than the above value and another 25% lesser in the third attempt. After 3 attempts, trophies will not be awarded. 

If you've got trophies in any of the attempts, you will be not be awarded trophies in the successive attempts.